…a choice of responsibility

IVG’s reputation is based on the choice to pursue and achieve business results with polices made to comply with the applicable laws in the countries where it operates and the ethical principles of behavior.

For this purpose, the Board of Directors decided on 30 September 2015 to adopt the Code of Ethics and the Organizational, Management and Control Model. The observance is considered an essential condition not only to prevent offenses included in the Legislative Decree 231/2001 but also to enable a proper functioning of the company, the protection of its reliability, reputation and image and of an increasing customer satisfaction and of all other entities that interact with it. These factors are the foundation for the success and the growth of IVG Colbachini SpA.

The Code of Ethics, in particular, contains a series of principles (of professionalism, legitimacy, honesty, transparency, reliability, equality, impartiality, fairness, accuracy and good faith) that should be the reference point for all activities of the Company, its employees and all those who cooperate with it and that integrate the behavior that these entities are required to comply with according to the law and required by the collective agreements.

The code is available to every party of IVG Colbachini SpA and each has a duty to understand and apply it.

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