Bassi Offshore technology and IVG skills for fish farming


Fish consumption has increased exponentially in recent years, and aquaculture activities have become necessary to meet growing global demand.

Activities that require the support of technology to ensure compliance with key points such as hygiene, healthiness and eco-compatibility by the whole supply chain.

Bassi Offshore's knowhow allowed IVG Colbachini to take part in a pioneering  project in the Arctic Ocean born to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

They asked us to develop rubber hoses with OCIMF characteristics intended to work in an offshore, submarine, unmanned, salmon  fish farming. The 12” hoses protect the connections of the power supply, automation and telecommunication services of the breeding station. The 8 "hoses help to maintain the hygiene and consequently the health of the entire farm.

A challenge that we also accepted because the entire project offers sustainable aquaculture solutions, and pays attention to the fish welfare, traceability and food safety.

IVG Colbachini's involvement in the fishing and aquaculture sectors is known:

- hoses for fish suction pumps, both for fish products and for sea water,

- turbo blower dredging hoses, used in shellfish harvesting,

- hoses for oxygenation of the breeding basins,

- hoses for insulating acoustic barriers to protect marine wildlife,

these are just some of the applications that we can satisfy.


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