Discover Rotterdam: the new onshore hose


Crystal clear waters and seaside villages with timeless charm: uncontaminated places to be preserved. With this heritage in mind, we have developed Onshore Rotterdam. The new IVG Colbachini hose for loading and unloading petroleum products on the dockside. Heavy use: the hose has to work with continuous and intense rhythms, in an environment where the deterioration of materials and accidents can have very serious consequences.

The IVG Colbachini R&D department designed an innovative structure, and developed new generation rubber compounds to better resist service conditions. Rotterdam has a structure suitable for conveying petroleum products with aromatic content up to 50% in total safety, according to the EN 1765:16 type S15 standard. 

Here are the technical characteristics of the IVG hose for onshore operations:

• hardwall structure suitable for suction and delivery operations

• available from internal diameter 51 (2”) to 305 (12”) mm

continuous hose of grade M

• operating pressure 15 bar, with safety factor 1:4

DNV approved and according to RINA rules

The hose is made with built-in fittings. Available also with swaged-on fittings up to internal diameter 152 mm (6"). 

If you operate in the handling and storage of petroleum products at the port, do not waste any more time! Contact us now for more information.


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