Discover the 4 security systems for concrete hoses

Construction and mining sectors have high risk levels and danger that can cause serious injury to operators during the use of concrete pumps.
To prevent accidents we offer complementary accessories to our rubber hoses: systems that make the flexible hoses even safer during casting placement.
Don't you know them? Here are the 4 most popular:

PROTECTIVE SLEEVE EXTERNAL TO THE HOSE. It is a containment solution that helps you avoid leaks due to perforations or hose burstings. Concrete spills can lead to considerable damage, especially when the building site is located in a city center, near a shopping center or a railway. The outer sleeve is red and we supply it in service length. It is already swaged on the Grooved fitting.

SAFETY WITH CHAINS. We weld the plates on the swaged fittings that allow chains to latch. This system guarantees the safety of the operators in case fittings detach or a joint breaks also due to incorrect movements or whip effect.

ANTI-WHIP CABLES. A system that connects the hose assemblies in use to avoid detachment and falling.

ANTI-KINK SPRINGS. We weld the springs on the ferrule that help the hose movement in the critical area of connection to the fitting. The accessory helps the hose to maintain the section in case of low bending radii.

Many specialists in the construction sector rely on these systems during pumping operations to increase the safety of operators and the surrounding environment.
The experience gained in more than 50 years of activity allows us to offer customized solutions for the construction world. A world that requires more and more reliable partners and high performance products.
For more information contact and consult the online catalogue of our products for construction and mines.


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