Essen hose for applications in the metallurgical industries


Withstand high temperatures. This is the task of our Essen hose when it conveys cooling water in steel mills, foundries, glass industries and in any plant that works near heat sources. Produced with a vulcanized fiberglass cover, it is able to withstand radiant heat up to +530°C (+986°F) and splashes of incandescent metal. A high performing hose in use with excellent behavior under stressful conditions. To meet all needs in the metallurgical sector we have developed different versions of the Essen line which are characterized by:

• different working pressures

• reinforcement with steel helix for suction operations

insulating rubber compounds to meet specific electrical properties

• additional external layer with flame retardant properties according to ASTM C-542

 There is no shortage of customized and curved hoses according to particular customer requests and designs. Tailored solutions as we like it.

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