Food quality rubber beaded ends.


A new solution, designed for the food industry, is now available in the IVG Colbachini range.
The food quality rubber beaded ends have been successfully tested on the Food Millennium hose.  The beaded ends system made on the ends of the hose is able to fully preserve the original quality of the fluid conveyed and offer many other benefits to users.

This solution is especially designed for dairy farms and canneries, producers of drinks and fruit juices, the butchery industry, and in general for all types of food processing.
This fitting system offers a flexible connection with only rubber contact. When joining two hoses, the flanges are aligned without having to twist the hoses, making it an efficient and leak-free seal, no gasket is required.

This system, consisting of food quality rubber beaded ends and a flange, ensures a good level of cleaning: no nipple is required inside the hose therefore there is no risk of bacteria accumulation or other microorganisms in the gap between the nipple and the tube. It is also gives optimum results during the hose cleaning and sanitation, important operation for each food process.
The food quality rubber beaded ends help maintain the hose flexibility right down to the ends;  in addition you can avoid the application of expensive stainless steel fittings. They ensure the integral flow transfer - full flow - as the hose does not present any narrowing in the section.
The crimping through rubber beaded ends, which places the conveyed fluids in contact only with the rubber, avoids any possibility of oxidation, abrasion, solution, or any other reaction between the fluid and the metal. Due to the fact that there is no contact with the flange, it becomes possible to use non stainless steel fittings, resulting in a significant costs saving. 
The suggested flanges meet international standards (UNI, ISO, ASA, etc.), but they can also be made according to specific installation requirements.

Fitting system designed for the Food Millennium hose but...

The Food Millennium hose with beaded ends is a reliable solution that guarantees a high performance level in use.
Food Millennium is the total food hose, available with and without spiral reinforcement, perfect for all food products and manufactured in accordance with the leading industry standards (FDA tit. 21, BfR XXI Kat. 2, DM 21/03/73, Reg. CE 1935/04 and 2013/06).
Certified free of PHTHALATES and PAHs solution, with rubber food quality tube, resistant to heavy CIP washing cycle.
A hose with excellent technical characteristics that now can be supplied with an effective fitting system.

... technology available for all hoses of the IVG food range with the rubber tube.

Rubber beaded ends for food application.
The perfect solution:

• integrity of the conveyed fluid;
• efficient and leak-free fitting system;
• high performances level in use;
• better hose sanitation (including ends);
• complete flow transfer (full flow);
• longer life;
• cost savings;
• customization;
• available for the complete IVG food range.


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