Food line with external helix wire

IVG Colbachini has designed a new line of food hoses with external thermoplastic helix wire. Innovative structure that is characterized by low sliding friction that works easily in contact with all surfaces, even abrasive or rough. 
Tuscany, Piedmont and Waikato require minimal effort to move and do not twist or form knots, avoiding kink. They are very flexible and the glossy and colored cover makes them particularly attractive. The shiny finish is very unique for a rubber hose and it is designed to work in food industry environments that are open to the public, such as wineries where work areas are accessible to customers.
The three hoses that make up the new line are made of tasteless and odorless food quality rubber compounds that meet the main international standards of the industry (Reg. EC 1935/2004 and 2023/2006, FDA tit. 21, BfR XXI, DM 21/03/73). They are heavy metal tested, certified phthalates free, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons free and Bisphenol A free. These hoses are more reliable compared to hoses made of other materials, particularly plastic ones and are resistant to strict wash cycles.  They have  a wide range of temperature (from -40°C to + 120°C).
Tuscany and Piedmont are suitable to convey non fatty foods, in particular vintage wines and alcohols at 96°. Piedmont is ideal for discharging operations, medium vacuum and it is crush-resistant (the structure returns to its original shape even if it is accidentally run over).
Tuscany is a hose with an internal and external helix wire which combines stability and maneuverability, perfect for suction and delivery of fluids and ideal for heavy duty applications (narrow bending for long periods of time) and resistance to heavy stress.
Waikato is characterized by a very robust structure, designed in particular for loading/unloading operations in tank trucks.

IVG’s goal is to simplify your work and our partners who have tried these solutions are satisfied. You can rely on these products that combine quality and safety to work both indoors and outdoors in wineries, breweries and distilleries and in general any food environment.
For more information on the diameter range, working pressures and sanitation advices request the data sheets.


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