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Truckers need to work fast. The time it takes them to get to their destination to connect the hose to the tank, drain the fuel into the system, disconnect and put the hose back in place needs to be minimal. There is very little time to carry out all the operations.
They often have to handle hoses that can be physically straining, especially if the hose are dragged on abrasive and rough surfaces. Hoses that could get crushed or permanently damaged after being run over.

IVG Colbachini has decided to help workers with our Truck Misano hose. The new rubber hose for delivery of petroleum products with aromatic content up to 50%, designed for specific use on tank trucks. It differs in flexibility and lower weight. A lighter hose that maintains its quality and performance in use.
It is easy to handle thanks to a special plastic external helix that reduces friction and improves slipperiness. The structure resists crushing and maintains its shape.
The absence of metal parts distinguishes it from fuel hoses made of different materials. Misano does not cause sparks from contact or rubbing with the ground. This guarantees the safety of hauliers.

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