Hoses for brake systems at the Innotrans exhibition


The 2022 edition of Innotrans, the most important railway exhibition in the world, is just around the corner. The IVG Colbachini team will be in Berlin with its range of hoses and fittings for trains. Products for different uses and fluids in accordance with the strictest standards in the sector. 

The great protagonists in our booth will be hoses for braking systems:

Sparrow/2FV: patented hose in accordance with Trenitalia Technical Specification n°373407 esp. 06, EN 45545-2 and EN 50553 (Running Capability).

WS: consolidated hose of IVG production in accordance with ST Trenitalia n° 373407 esp. 03 and UNI CEI 11170-1-2-3.

Hawk: robust hose that can be produced in accordance with many design standards (EN 15807 - UIC 830-1 - NF F 11-380) and complies with EN 45545-2.

Gull/EN 15807: new entry hose that meets the EN 15807 and EN 45545-2 standards.

UIC 830-1-85: consolidated hose in accordance with the construction standard UIC-830-1.

UIC Cold: hose for temperatures down to -40°C in accordance with EN 15807, UIC 830-1, NF F 16-101 and DIN 5510-2.

WS/Firewall: patented hose with embedded fiber glass protections.

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The IVG range includes the safest flexible connections for compressed air in the braking systems of railway wagons and locomotives. Many hoses are halogen free, fire resistant with low toxicity and smoke emission. Each hose has been designed for a specific market, manufacturer or railway entity. The hoses are often supplied with specific fittings for the sector, but also in coils, or in service lengths with tapered ends. Additional services are: tests, customized marking and special packaging. 

What are you waiting for? See you from 20 to 23 September in Berlin. Stand 320, Hall 10.2. Request your personal ticket now to marketing@ivgspa.it


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