Hoses for the mining sector


Dig and explore the subsoil at ever greater depths. This is the goal in the mining sector. We support our customers with the supply of hoses that are used in drilling machines to convey abrasive materials, products for the transfer of air and water in support processes, as well as a range specifically dedicated to explosive mixtures. The experience accumulated in 55 years of activity makes us a reliable partner that ensures maximum safety for operators in such heavy-duty uses.

Today we will explore together the IVG range for the unloading of ANFO, the most commonly used explosive in mining sites, especially for the extraction of coal and metal. Our hoses are installed in trucks and convey the powerful mixture into the blast holes. Heavy duty hoses tested in use in many markets such as Eastern Europe, made with rubber compounds resistant to oils and chemicals. Available with customized pressures and lengths, based on the specific requests of our customers.

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