Hoses to convey oxygen


Oxygen is a precious gas also used in many industrial sectors, including the steel industry, metallurgy and glass manufacturing. IVG has several products suitable to convey oxygen in a safe and reliable way. The main one is the Ossigeno ISO 3821, a single hose used for welding and oxyfuel operations. Available in many diameters, it fully meets the ISO 3821 standard. It has a blue cover and high-strength textile reinforcements. The marking, according to the standard, clearly identifies the gas conveyed, the maximum working pressure of 20 bar, the diameter and the year of production.

Over the years we have developed alternative hoses for oxygen delivery based on specific market requests. Products with fiberglass layers vulcanized inside the structure to resist radiant heat up to +530°C, with self-extinguishing cover in accordance to ASTM C-542. Other versions have different parameters such as temperature and pressure.

The application is critical: we recommend carrying out at least periodic visual tests to check the integrity and good condition of the hoses. Contact us for more information about the complete range and to request technical data sheets.


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