It is time for Vinoflex Easy


The harvest season is approaching. It is time to check the Vinoflex Easy stock. The hose for wine and other alcoholic products that simplifies your work in the cellar. The Vinoflex Easy cover is thermoplastic, with a low friction coefficient. The original one. 

What does it mean? The hose slides very easy offering no resistance. Try it out  at the IVG dealer closest to you. Compare it with products made with other materials and you will see it with your own eyes. It is an important feature: it reduces physical effort and handling time in the cellar.

Don't be caught unprepared! Follow our complete check list for the 2022 harvest:

• Check the condition of hoses in stock. Pay attention to cracks, abrasions and leaks. 

• Check if you have the hoses in the specific diameters and service lengths for each system and tank.

• Make sure you have the right fittings: Garolla, DIN 11851, EasyShell and others for food use. 

• Make sure you know sanitization methods and have our instructions at hand. 

Contact us for more information and to organize a meeting with IVG technicians. We can come directly to your cellar or we can arrange a virtual meeting together.


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