The critical aspects in dockside operations


The recent incident in the Suez Canal was an invitation to reflect on the importance of maritime transport and related port activities. A slowdown in sea traffic can impact our lives in many different ways.  

Tons of goods travel by sea every day. The giant ships that move on commercial routes need modern infrastructures adapted to the modes of transport. The speed of operations and reliability of the structures are crucial factors: with IVG’s onshore range we focus on these needs.

IVG rubber hoses make all the loading and unloading operations  more effective for different needs that range from abrasive, food and petroleum products. Our hoses are produced in special production departments in our factory in Italy and are certified and tested in accordance with the regulations required for the uses.

Let's discover together the strengths of our range: 

• Guaranteed quality of hose assemblies

• Total safety for operators

• Structures and rubber compounds designed for every use

• Fittings, accessories and much more 

A wide range of diameters and the skills of the fittings department make our onshore hoses among the most qualified on the market

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