The quality of the wine can depend on the type of hose


UVaMOX researchers have been working on measuring oxygen during the winemaking process for years. They goal being to verify what happens depending on the different materials in contact with the wine and, in particular, the role of hoses: one of the most important equipment in the cellar.  

After carrying out many tests, they identified the elastomer that guarantees the least micro-oxygenation of the wine, offering the best performances: butyl.Hoses such as Vinoflex Easy, Scotland and Tuscany are the best hoses for wine: they help winemakers and business owners control the oxygen level and to produce more natural wines reducing the use of sulphites.  

Do you want to receive the full article about micro-oxygenation? Request it now. You will find interesting ideas that will help you choose the right hose and replace it at the right time.  

We are proud to have contributed to this study.

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