The right hose for tank trucks


We have a wide range for oils and petroleum products that are designed for different uses. From hydraulic systems to aircraft, to domestic use or fuel refueling pumps. Today we will talk about the characteristics of our rubber hoses designed for use on tank trucks.

Standard but also customized hoses, our goal is to satisfy the needs of end users who require hoses for tank trucks with different characteristics.  

Each structure meets specific requests:

light weight and easy to handle, perfect for frequent handling; 

maintenance of the section and flexibility when the hose is in service on the reel;

• resistance to aromatics up to 50% for high performance; 

ATEX suitability for use in potentially explosive environments; 

• resistance to low temperatures (down to -55°C) for use in countries with harsh climates.

Not sure which hose to choose? Contact the IVG team to receive data sheets and find the right product for your industry. And if we don't have it, we design it together, even for small batches and complete with fittings. Our Fittings Department guarantees the quality of the hose assembly. 


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