Truck Foodflex/IIR: the milk hose with identity card


When we drive behind a milk collection tank truck - if we think about the characteristics of this food - we would like to see on the tank just:

• clean hoses 

• undamaged hoses 

• certified quality hoses 

How many times instead, we notice dirty, worn, badly repaired, anonymous hoses? Therefore, it is important to choose IVG Colbachini rubber hoses. Truck Foodflex/IIR was created for use on tank trucks for the collection and transport of milk and:

• it withstands important CIP cycles,

• it is produced with top quality rubber compounds and the cover resists the abrasion,

• it always travels with its identity card, in fact, we print on the rubber the production batch number - for full traceability - and all the complied regulations. 

For many customers, we customize the cover colour, the branding, the length and much more. We supply the hose with accessories from the simplest to the most complex.

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