Truck Gordon, the ATEX safety in food environment

Not everyone knows that explosions and fires can be caused during the production of foods from combustible dusts which originate during the processing of flour, wheat, instant coffee, sugar, milk, powdered soups, etc. The danger is often underestimated if compared to liquids and flammable gases - although the damage can be even greater.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of equipment and their components. To avoid dangerous triggering, all parts that can cause sparks or have temperatures that exceed the acceptable limits, must be properly maintained to prevent the penetration of dust. To avoid arcs, sparks, or temperatures capable of igniting the powder, it is also important to limit the energy of the electric circuits.
In addition to these procedures, to maintain the standards of safety, it is essential after an initial check, to make regular, periodic controls and ongoing supervision by qualified personnel.
IVG’s concern for safety and our technical competence of helped us develop a new hose certified to work in an ATEX environment. Truck Gordon is a softwall hose, lightweight, flexible and abrasion-resistant, suitable for pneumatic conveying of bulk abrasive products in the food industry, granules, coloring and PVC. Used in tank trucks, rail tankers
and storage silos.

The truly special feature of this hose is the tube: white, smooth, food quality, antistatic, synthetic rubber, resistant to the passage of abrasive powders and foodstuffs, complying with regulations FDA tit. 21 for dry foods and BfR Kat. 4.
The hose is antistatic tested and approved for use in an ATEX environment. Antistatic tube and cover ensure the best safety in the workplace with a resistance value of R<1x107Ω/m.
It is available with working pressure of 6 bar and 10 bar. For any additional information please contact IVG.


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