Try Damasco: total food hose with anti-crushing structure


In work areas where forklifts and pallet trucks are moving around, unexpected crushing with equipment in service is common. These are just some of the causes that reduce the life of hoses in the food industry. Customers tell us this and we see it when we visit them: repaired hoses, deformed, almost unusable in many work areas. To avoid these unexpected events, IVG technicians have designed a hose with a particular no-crush structure that returns to its original shape even after being crushed with heavy loads.

FOOD DAMASCO is a total food hose, suitable for indoor use, to convey any food fluid: fruit juices, alcohol up to 96%, but also oils and fat products. Loved by our dealers because it is perfect for every type of industry and situation. A complete product that meets the main standards of the sector, free of phthalates, PAHs and Bisphenol A. 

Damasco is flexible and lightweight and its cover is made of a low-friction thermoplastic material to help facilitate the sliding movement on the floor and to reduce operator fatigue.

For more information on the available diameter range, request the technical data sheet.


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