Vinoflex and Scotland hose at the historic Luxardo distillery


Listening to Guido Luxardo is like going on a unique journey. The General Manager of the historic Luxardo SpA  distillery accompanies us on a trip between the past and present.   

Luxardo and its bicentennial history represent 7 million bottles and 30 million in annual turnover. Maraschino is the symbolic product among an original and wide range of liqueurs, spirits, and pastry lines. 

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At Luxardo, durability is a concept of great value: the 1947 larch vats are still in use.

Even the accessory elements, such as rubber hoses for example, must ensure durability and stability to allow us to operate safely. As evidence of this, the IVG Colbachini Food Scotland  hoses, in use for many years, are found in every corner of the plant, together with the most recent Food Vinoflex  hoses equipped with modern and efficient couplings.

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