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The IVG Colbachini review dedicated to telling your stories continues. Stories of experiences and different uses of rubber hoses.

The protagonist of the latest IVG Story is Nicola Donà:  owner of an Italian Group that operates in the construction world. A leader in the building industry both private and major works. 

If you operate in this sector, you don’t want to miss the content of this video.

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"It is essential that the hose measures up to the fleet to make sure there are no problems on the construction site".  Thus Nicola Donà begins his story.

Hoses can sometimes be dangerous, putting the structures or the safety of the operators who maneuver them at risk.

For this reason, some characteristics of the hoses facilitate the work on site and help prevent possible accidents. Let's find out what they are and how you can find them in IVG hoses.  


It reduces the operator’s physical strain and avoids abnormal movements especially in the initial pumping phase.

Essential quality found in the market for 40 years in our Shannon line. 


It’s important that the hose withstands increasingly higher pressures due to highly performing concrete mixer pumps and the concrete itself.

This is why we expanded our range with products suitable for extreme conditions that resistant pressures of 100 and 150 bar. 


It is guaranteed by the quality of the rubber, by the hose structures, by the production methodology and by the fitting system.

IVG fittings, called “Full Flow”, are the best performing and are swaged on directly by our specialized technicians. In this way the joints between hoses are completely safe. 

"IVG hoses last twice as long: they therefore create less waste and are more environmentally friendly".

This concludes this IVG Story and we can't wait to tell you more.

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