Wolf Creek Dam repairs

The Volga/ond/sot hose in the construction of the new wall.
An italo-french joint venture has taken on the Wolf Creek Dam repairs in Kentucky. A strong wall of about 4,000 feet will burrow down more than 275 feet to solid bedrock. Not only will it help stop the waters of Lake Cumberland from seeping through, but it will also help avoid potentially catastrophic failures and the flooding of many communities. A true relief, for all the people living downstream from the dam that has been working since 1950.
As quality producer of material handling hose, IVG designs hoses for a wide range of earth moving applications, especially for hydromills machines in the ground preparation works for major foundation projects (skyscrapers, underground parking, dams.). For this specific task IVG hose is ABR Volga/ond/sot, 6” size, corrugated cover and 10 bar working pressure. It was designed to withstand extreme abrasions caused by rocks of all types and form, and elongation strength of 8 metric tons with a really low deformation.
IVG's modern production technology, combined with a coupling system internally designed, allows production of continuous lengths of up to 120-m long.


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