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Aromas and flavors. How many emotions they can give us! A one-way ticket for a sensory journey that begins with the glass of a good distillate. You probably found yourself at spending much more time at home like the rest of us over the past few months. Making yourself comfortable to taste your favorite alcoholic drink. Alone or with others.

We at IVG have thought about you often. For years we have contributed to preserving the essence of that product. To get it to your glass in total safety. How? With our Shetland hose.

Shetland is a high quality IVG hose for delivery and suction of alcohol up to 96%. Its tube is made with a special white plastomer, particularly innovative and technically advanced that does not contaminate the conveyed liquid in any way. No alteration of smells and flavors. It is the perfect hose for liqueurs and spirits. With Shetland they are safe and it's not just our word. It has been tested and approved by the French BNIC body for cognac. Our hose is phthalate-free and is certified according to EU Regulation 10/2011, FDA and BfR. 

Were you not aware of this hose and want to know more about the IVG range for spirits and other fluids? Contact us!


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