PL Grout

Offshore PL Grout

Flexible hose for discharge of quick setting liquid mud, necessary for the platform consolidation, ozone and sea-water resistant.


steel cord hose to be used on the platform jacket structure to convey quick setting liquid mud, necessary for the platform consolidation. Resistance to the external temperature max. 80°C (176°F).

Temperature: from -10°C (+14°F) to +42°C (+108°F)
Branding: continuous red stripe “IVG Offshore (family logo)...”.


Tube: black, smooth, SBR rubber.
Reinforcement: plies of steel wire cord plus a longitudinal textile insert to guarantee the resistance to tensile loading.
Cover: yellow, smooth (wrapped finish) EPDM rubber, weathering, ozone, and sea-water resistant.

CodeInside DiameterOutside DiameterWorking PressureBurst PressureNominal Weight Length Max
mm inch mm inch bar psi bar psi kg/m lbs/ft m ft

Cod. 1408054

  • Inside Diameter
    51 mm
    2 inch
  • Outside Diameter
    73,5 mm
    2,90 inch
  • Working Pressure
    70 bar
    1050 psi
  • Burst Pressure
    210 bar
    3150 psi
  • Nominal Weight
    3,75 kg/m
    2,52 lbs/ft
  • Length Max
    120 m
    400 ft



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