For nearly 50 years...

IVG has been involved in the production of flexible rubber hoses to convey powders, granular, liquid or gas products. Our systems and services include the Oil & Gas sector, food, chemical, agricultural, construction, rail, naval and steel industries.

Experience, flexibility, production process and network represent our strongest points.

IVG industrial organization, one of the most advanced in our sector, combined with our experience acquired in the five continents, allows us to develop and personalize our products according to each customer’s request.

The partnership with several companies of the IVG group makes it possible to offer integrated solutions aimed at many application fields. First of all the Oil & Gas thanks to the synergy with Bassi Offshore ( and MIB Italiana (

Our rubber hoses, produced on rigid mandrel, can reach continuous lengths up to 120 meters and can be fitted with any type of coupling.

IVG quality system is certified ISO 9001. All tests are carried out according to the main international specifications and they guarantee the quality of our products.
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