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The partnership with several companies of the IVG Group makes it possible to offer integrated solutions aimed at many application fields. First of all the Oil & Gas thanks to the synergy with Bassi Offshore and with MIB Italiana.

Il gruppo - IVG Colbachini spa
Business Areas

Rubber hose
IVG Colbachini S.p.A.
www.ivgspa.it | ivg.colbachini@ivgspa.it
IVG Colbachini CZ s.r.o.
Mandrel built rubber hose for medium and low pressures.
IVG Colbachini GmbH
IVG’s trade network.
The Company distributes IVG products in the French market.
IVG Rubber Ltd.
IVG’s trade network.
IVG Rubber Asia PTE.LTD.
IVG’s trade network.
Industessile S.p.A.
Dipped fabrics and yarns as well as web for industrial uses, made up with rayon, nylon, polyester and aramid fibres.
Bassi Offshore S.r.l.
www.bassioffshore.eu | info@bassioffshore.eu
Design and production of hose and ancillary equipment for the Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries.
Fittings Division
Design, production, application and commercialization of couplings applied to industrial rubber hose.
Plastic and rubber productions
Silikoneurope S.r.l.
www.silikoneurope.it | contatti@silikoneurope.it
Liquid silicone rubber articles.
Solera Thermoform Group S.p.A.
www.soltherm-group.com | info@soltherm-group.com
Any type of thermoformed component, especially for caravan and auto-caravan applications, as well as industrial refrigeration, car-washing, industrial vehicles, agricultural machines, mass transportation (buses, trams, trains), biomedical and display material advertising.
Silikonbrasil LTDA
www.silikoneurope.it | contatti@silikoneurope.it
Liquid silicone rubber articles.
Decoration and printing

Transfergomma S.r.l.
www.transfergomma.com | commerciale@transfergomma.com
Personalized branding for industrial products in rubber, plastic, fabric and leather.

Mechanical applications and engineering
www.mibitaliana.it | info@mibitaliana.it
Headquarters, Production Plant and Spare Parts Stockist.
The leading supplier of customized onshore and offshore connectors and emergency release systems for products at ambient, low & cryogenic temperature for the International Oil and Gas Sector.
MIB International Limited
Sales & Marketing Company

www.mibinternational.co.uk | sales@mibinternational.co.uk
Sales Office, Customer Care and After Sales Service.
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