Rubber hose for methane


Compliance with standards. An offer for a complete package made of hose and fittings. Customization. Safety and supply since 1966. These are just some of the elements that distinguish our operating style. Factors that also characterize the IVG range for welding and oxyfuel operations.

After presenting the oxygen hose and the various versions developed, today a go into detail with the Welding Methane hose. The specific product for LPG, MPS, natural gas and methane:

- completely meets the ISO 3821 standard

- achievable with self-extinguishing rubbers in accordance with ASTM C-542

- available in applications lengths complete with special fittings and flanges

Our Fittings Division applies the fittings required by customer specifications to the Welding Methane hoses. When flexible hoses operate in a high-risk environment, it is always advisable to rely on a unique specialist, with a proven R&D structure, such as IVG Colbachini.


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