The integration of the production chain starts from the Group

To ensure the highest quality, the control over the process must be total. This is why we choose real integration. Many companies involved in the production of a hose are part of our group.

In order to ensure the highest quality of a product that is customized in all its characteristics (rubber compounds, sizes, mechanical characteristics, fittings, markings, etc.), the control of the entire production chain must be complete.

This is why, in IVG, we have chosen to incorporate in our group some companies involved, at various levels, in the rubber hose production process: from the production of fabrics for technical rubber (Industessile SpA) to the marking transfer on different polymeric supports (Transfergomma Srl). Also from the mechanical finishing and fittings (IVG Fittings Division) to the production of solutions for the conduction of fluids in the marine milieu (Bassi Offshore Srl).

In addition to these companies there are further firms that are synergistic for the business activity and the services of the IVG Group as the supply of thermoformed plastic parts for various industrial environments (Solera-Thermoform Group SpA).

We produce multi-component products in liquid silicone rubber (Silikoneurope Srl) and (Silikonbrasil LTDA), and valves, connectors and breakaway for oil & gas applications (MIB Italiana SpA) and (MIB International Ltd).



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