Discover Abr Avon: the pump terminal hose


Concrete placement is always teamwork. The pump worker, construction worker and hose play very important roles. They often collaborate for long hours, without breaks and in tough environmental conditions. 

But why is it important to have the right rubber hose on your team?

The hose can undermine the pump operator's accuracy with unexpected movements, it can wear out prematurely or require a lot of effort from the construction operator. IVG Colbachini has a long experience in the production of hoses used as concrete pumping boom end hoses. From Abr Shannon 85, one of the most well-known hoses in the world, to Avon that we present today.

Video Abr Avon

Avon further reduces risks to operators during casting. Thanks to its particular structure with textile reinforcements, it increases the safety level of the user, absorbs shocks and vibrations, reducing the dangerous whip effect

Let's look at the characteristics together: 

- Withstands an operating pressure up to 100 bar

- Flexible and easy to handle

- Stable and safe in use, it helps prevent work related accidents 

- Resists wear and concrete abrasive action

- Made in Italy quality 

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