For ATEX environments there is Supertop upe cond/LL


When we designed the Supertop upe cond/LL hose, we set ourselves 2 goals. Create a multipurpose hose to convey a wide range of products: chemical and petroleum. Allowing it to work even in the most difficult and dangerous environments, such as potentially explosive ones. Let's find out its technical characteristics together.

• Black high molecular weight polyethylene tube 

• Electrically conductive even through the wall 

• Suitable for working in ATEX environments 

• In accordance with EN 12115:11  

The Supertop upe cond/LL hose is suitable for suction and delivery operations and is often used in unloading platforms and in fixed or mobile plants of the petrochemical industries. Available from 19 to 102 mm internal diameter, it is produced in the plant in Italy. Its structure withstands a pressure of 16 bar, with a safety factor of 4:1.

Do you want to test it? Consult the chemical resistance table to check the suitability of the products or solvents to be conveyed.


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