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Quality of raw materials, continuity in supply and experience in the field are the elements that distinguish IVG in the agricultural sector. Irrigation operations increasingly enhance agricultural management with highly performing and advanced techniques that aim to save water and maximize efficiency.

Our goal is to be alongside the manufacturers of irrigation systems and retailers of technical items with a wide range of hoses with a variety of different structures that meet the applications in the field. From use in pumps to use in mobile irrigation systems for any crop.

IVG flexible rubber hoses meet the increasing needs of the agricultural world which requires reliability and practicality at the same time. Our range of Italian know-how includes:

• light and flat hoses;

• particularly flexible hoses with corrugated covers also used for suction;

• smooth hardwall hoses perfect for working curved or rolled on reels;

• large diameter hoses specific for use in the joints of pump.

We can supply hoses upon request in application lengths complete with soft ends or enlarged ends to facilitate assemblies with fittings.

Do you want to know more about the water hose fitting service? Enter the world of IVG Fittings Division, you will also find all the fittings also available for direct sale.


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