Code of ethics

A choice of responsibility

In 50 years of history, IVG Colbachini has built a reputation on company results and how they go about achieving them. Every day it respects the ethical principles of behavior. Every day it respects the laws applied in the countries where it exports its products.

On 30 September 2015 the IVG Board of Directors approved the adoption of the Code of Ethics and the Organizational, Management and Control Model. Compliance with these regulations is essential to prevent the offenses referred to by the Legislative Decree 231/2001 and assure the proper functioning of the company: to convey reliability, to have a reputation, to give answers to clients and the people who come into contact with IVG.

The Code of Ethics contains ten principles: professionalism, legitimacy, honesty, transparency, reliability, equality, impartiality, loyalty, fairness and good faith. There are 10 guidelines that integrate the rules of behavior of people working in the company, and of those that work with IVG. These are rules to be respected in accordance with the law and the obligations under collective agreements.

You can consult the code of ethics:
each one of us has a duty to understand and apply it.