Concrete hoses with protective sleeve

Imagine you are in Mayfair, one of the most elegant and prestigious districts in London.
Now imagine a hose mounted on a piling rig on a building site failing. This kind of failure could cause a great deal of damage. The concrete could easily hit the surrounding homes, shops and windows.
This kind of scenario could happen when a building site is located in a city center, near a shopping center or a railway. Close to our historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

This possibility gave life to the IVG solution. Concrete hoses - ABR Shannon or ABR Amazonas - are coated with a special protective sleeve. 
A sleeve with a red rubber cover applied by swaging which is resistant to ozone and aging. Fundamental to contain any concrete leakage.
Available in different diameters, we provide the assembly in service lengths, complete with Grooved fittings at both ends.
Many contractors rely on this product during pumping operations: a safer hose that performs very well. A hose that does not endanger the surrounding environment and keeps it clean.
Already today, if you notice this red IVG solution in a town you can feel protected.
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