Flexible peristaltic hoses

Peristaltic pump hose


softwall rubber hose with a thick wall used in Peristaltic pumps and suitable to convey various fluids (also very dense), whose organic qualities must remain unchanged compared to the traditional impeller pumps. Depending upon the fluid to be conveyed, the following types of Peristaltic pump hose are available:
1) for abrasive fluids
2) for acids at low concentration
3) for liquid food
4) for oily and fatty foods

Branding: continuous stripe “IVG...”, or ink branding on hoses with rectified (machine ground) cover.


Tube: smooth, in rubber suitable for the service.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord
Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), abrasion resistant rubber

Available upon request
Internal diameter, wall thickness and hose length are determined by the type of pump. For the choice of the correct product, it is therefore necessary to contact the IVG sales department. • The range of diameters goes up to I.D. 125mm. • The hoses are supplied in application lengths. • Upon request by the customer hoses are available with rectified cover. • Most common working pressure is 5 bar, there is also a 15 bar working pressure version available. • Contact IVG for the choice of hose based on the type of fluid that needs to be conveyed.